3 Ton Crane Truck

Crane Trucks are used in all of our end markets. Crane trucks are mobile and offer economical and efficient lifting for light capacity projects. They require no on-site assembly. Crane trucks feature a flatbed truck body and combined mounted crane. Crane trucks give the user the combined flexibility to pick an object up, load it onto the flatbed and move the object without the use of separate cranes and trucks.

Our Crane Trucks have a lift capacity of 3 ton. Crane trucks generally require improved jobsite surface conditions for efficient movement and can arrive at a job as a self-contained, ready-to-work unit. The TM Crane Truck is now for rent!

Hook loaders (3 TON/ 20TON)

Thanks to extensive design and the use of quality materials the hook loader has become both "a simple" and highly reliable system. Whether it is tipping or collecting a container, it will be quick and efficient. Our hookloaders have rated lift capacities ranging from 17 to 30 tons. The TM hookloader is now for rent!

Compactor and Container

The best and most developed garbage compactors are now available at TM®! You can rent the compactors to improve your waste management and to save costs, time and money. Waste compactors ensure that the waste is pressed through a hydraulic integrated press. And as a result of this system, you will be able to increase the waste storage by ten times or more! Do you want to see how this work? Visit our YouTube channel and watch our videos!